Refund Policy

Attendee’s Refund Policies are subject to the Terms of Service and Refund Policy of the Event for which a ticket has been purchased. Eventus Software services P. Ltd. is not liable to address refund requests from the Ticket Buyer and has no authority to issue refunds without an instruction from the Event Organizer.

The Attendee shall request a refund from the Event Organizer responsible for the event in question, within 96 hours of the Event end date. Eventus Software services P. Ltd. will honour refund requests for online purchases made through the INR Gateway, from the Event Organizer within the Refund time allowance of 96 hours past the event end date. Refunds will be initiated by Eventus Software services P. Ltd. and applied to the original form of purchase within thirty (30) days of Event end date.

Refund and Cancellation policy with the Organizer

  1. When payments for tickets are to be made, it is necessary that Eventus Software services P. Ltd. and Attendees transact through the payment gateway and be subject to the applicable payment gateway Terms of Use. We do not store any credit card or banking information.
  2. Eventus Software services P. Ltd.Eventus Software services P. Ltd. will mail all payments to you (total ticket sales less service charges) at the address that you accurately provide on the Eventus Software services P. Ltd. Web Site. All sales, fees, charges, and funds are payable in Indian Rupees.
  3. All ticket prices listed by the Event Organizer ("You") are considered to be inclusive of applicable taxes.
  4. Any credit card chargebacks initiated by the Attendee for any reason shall be charged back to You. Eventus Software services P. Ltd. shall either
    • deduct these costs from your outstanding balance, whether for that particular Event or for any other Event that you list with Eventus Software services P. Ltd.; or
    • send an invoice to you for said costs if no balance exists. If payment for said invoice is not received by Eventus Software services P. Ltd. within thirty (30) days, Eventus Software services Pvt Ltd. reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate this Agreement and to cancel all other Events listed by you as provided herein.